SEO Web Design Pricing

Search engine optimized website design helping you increase exposure.


Domain Name

A domain name is your URL (uniform resource locator), e.g. mine is This costs ~$20 per year. Your first year is included in the price.

Website + Hosting

The website is built on the WordPress framework. One year of hosting is provided for free. Thereafter, you can choose to host the website yourself, or we can host it for you for $10 per month, billed annually.

Search Engine Optimization (on-page)


  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization (sitemap creation, meta data, headings, permalink structure and internal linking )
  • Page speed optimization
Analytics and Goal Tracking Set-up

Google Analytics and Search Console will be set-up. This enables you to view your website traffic, see where it’s coming from, what search term they used to get to the site and all the relevant data. Based on your specific business, goal tracking will be set-up in order to track pre-determined metrics (calls, form submissions, etc.).


In order to create effective content for your website we will conduct a phone consultation (may take up to 60 minutes). This will help us better understand your business and how we can convey value to your potential customers.

The pages will be minimum 350 words (with the exception of the contact page). Typical pages include: homepage, about, products/services and contact page.

Business Profile Set-up

We will set-up business profiles for your company in: Google,  Apple Maps, and Facebook.

Business Citations

Citations are business directories (e.g. Yelp, YP, etc.) that provide key business details. Up-to-date information across these sites help improve your visibility in local search. We sign your company up to the top 20 directories.

How Much Should a Website Cost in 2019?

The price of a website can vary drastically.

It really comes down to the needs of the individual or business. To put a broad range down, $100 – $100,000+.

The one hundred dollar website could be a DIY builder and the one hundred thousand dollar option could be an enterprise level, multi-lingual website. WebFX details how much websites cost in great detail – check that out here… I’ll wait for you to come back.

 Long story short – websites can get expensive.

So that leads us to an important question…


Short Answer: We have a very specific offering. We build WordPress websites and we differentiate by including search engine optimization to help clients get the best results possible.

Our offering is built for small businesses that want a modern, responsive website that is built to help increase ROI. Things get exponentially more complicated, time consuming and thus, expensive when the requirements are more complex such as requiring an e-commerce website.

Limiting the scope of our offering helps us focus on what we’re really good at which results in you getting a reasonable price.

Just a quick note

We strategically offer web design and optimization as a package to help save you money. Normally, if you have a freelancer or an agency build you a website, they will ONLY focus on delivering a website. That means  you will then have to find an SEO agency or another freelancer to optimize it. What this means is that you end up paying twice to get what you need. Forget that – you should only pay once and have it done properly the first time.

That being said, if you have a project you’d like to discuss, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Built for Mobile Devices

Websites that look great on all devices – particularly on phones and tablets – since 57% of traffic now comes from those.

Optimized for Speed

Speed has a major impact on search engine position and bounce rate. A website should load within 2-3 seconds for best results – that’s what we strive for with every website.

Designed for Prospects

Every page is designed for your prospect and has a specific goal (e.g. newsletter sign up, form submission or sale).

Built for Growth

WordPress is an easy to use content management system. It’s easy to update pages and blog posts and is the perfect tool to support your ongoing marketing efforts.

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