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We build affordable, search engine friendly, WordPress websites that help drive more leads to your business.

Affordable for Small Businesses

We understand that most small businesses don’t have a large budget for web dev which is why we’ve made our prices affordable.

Wordpress Based Design

Websites are semi-custom, built on WordPress & tailored to your business. They look great on desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile.

Search Engine Friendly

A good looking website is useless if nobody can find it. We optimize the website to help customers discover your business.


1. Websites are user friendly and built for conversions

Why this matters: a great user experience will INCREASE PROFIT – it’s really that simple. Prospects will come to your website, intuitively they will know exactly where to go. The information will be laid out in an easy and digestible way and each page will have a specific goal in mind (phone call, form submission, download, etc.). 

2. Websites are optimized for search engines (SEO)

Why this matters: you want prospects to find your website. If a website isn’t optimized, the only way people will get to it is by typing in your company’s specific name (e.g. This is leaving TONS OF MONEY ON THE TABLE. It’s far more advantageous to optimize your website so people find it when they search for product or service in the search engines. 

Generate New Business by Ranking in the Search Engines

According to StatsCounter, Google has over 90% of the Search Engine Market Share.

The image below is what we call a search engine result page. It’s a mix of paid ads, local (business listings) and organic results.

You want to show up here (ideally in multiple areas) to maximize the amount of leads to your business.

 Paid Ads

The top 3 results are paid ads, denoted by the small green ad sign beside the URL. 

Companies will often allocate a certain amount of their budget to paid marketing, called Pay-Per-Click, or PPC for short.

This is a valid option for businesses with a healthy marketing budget – but recent data shows that only 6% of searchers click on paid ads – so it’s smart to balance it out with an optimized local and organic search strategy.

 Local Search

Local search results are shown with a map and relevant businesses are marked with red pins.

Below the map there the prominent details of the businesses that are highlighted in the map area. This is called the local pack. In our web design package we help you claim your Google My Business listing and optimize it so you increase your visibility to local searchers looking for your type of business. 

Organic Listing

Below the local listings are the organic listings. These account for up to 64% of all clicks. Proper search engine optimized web design will support your effort to show up on the first page (there is 10 listings) and ultimately increase the likelihood to driving customers to your website.

search engine results page


Get an SEO Optimized WordPress Website

Generally companies that do web design will only focus only on web design. That means they will turn over a website that may look good – but isn’t built to help accomplish your business goals (i.e. drive more phone calls, or get more email opt-ins, form submissions, leads and customers etc.).

This means you have to find someone to perform search engine optimization on top of what you already paid for the web design if you want any hope of being found online. As you can see, this is kind of a pain…

This is why we tackle it in one shot – it just makes more sense.

Additionally, we know that small businesses often don’t have a large marketing budget – that’s why we offer it packaged together. Having us do both is far more cost effective – please price it out if you feel so inclined and you’ll see what I mean.




Who We Do and Don’t Work With

As a fellow small business, you’ll understand that there are certain clients you want to work with and certain ones you don’t. We’re best suited to work with businesses looking for affordable, semi-custom websites that are optimized to help drive conversions.

On the other hand, if you’re a business requiring extensive or complex web design, a website coded from scratch, or you have highly technical and unique requirements – we are not the company for you.

As you know, it’s all about managing customer expectations 🙂

5 star rating

Industries We Help

We help a variety of industries, these are just a few common small businesses that can benefit from having an effective website that conveys value and generates customers.

Construction Contractors

There’s a ton of competition in the construction industry.

Differentiate your business and convert leads with a website that stands out.

Realtors & Developers

Build your brand and showcase your current and past sales.

Let us design a real estate website that helps generate visitors.


Where is your time best spent?

successful business components

We build optmized websites.

Depending on how busy you are you might be considering building your own website.

That’s okay.

What it really comes down to is return on investment.

Let me ask you a question:

Would you rather spend a week figuring out how to build a website with one of those DIY website builders – all while keeping your fingers crossed you’re putting the pieces together in the right order so it actually converts visitors to leads and customers or would you rather spend a week executing your craft – leaving the web development up to someone who specializes in it?

You’ve likely picked the latter and I don’t blame you.

Small businesses will hire us because their time is better spent servicing their clients – not learning the in’s and out’s of up-to-date web design.

Let’s take a look at how we can help get your new website or your website redesign off on the right foot.

Where Design Meets Optimization

It’s not enough to have a good looking website. It needs to be responsive and optimized.

Having a website is no help if nobody sees it.

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